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Selected Publications

Tewksbury CM, Williams NN, Dumon KR, Sarwer DB. Preoperative Medical Weight Management: a Review and Reconsideration. Obesity Surgery 27(28): 208-214, 2017.

Tewksbury CM, Crowley N, Parrott JM, Andromalos L, Isom KA, Smith E, Allison KC. Weight Loss Prior to Bariatric Surgery and 30-Day Mortality, Readmission, Reoperation, or Intervention: An Analysis of 349,016 Bariatric Surgery Cases. Obesity Surgery.  Obesity Surgery Page: 1-7, June 2019.

Tewksbury CM, Wu J, Allison KC, Gardiner H, Dumon KR, Williams NN, Sarwer DB. Pre-Bariatric Surgery Care and Postoperative Outcomes: Increased Number of Visits Associated with Smaller Weight Losses over First 2 Postoperative Years. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 15(9): 1548-1553, 2019.

Tewksbury CM, Geng Z, Foster M, Gershuni V, Dumon KR, Rame JE, Groeneveld PW, Williams NN. Validation and Improvement of a Highly Predictive Bariatric Surgery Mortality Risk Calculator to Include Sleeve Gastrectomy Using MBSAQIP 2015-2017 Data. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases. 2020

Tewksbury CM. Weight Bias from a Socio-Ecological Perspective. Weight Management Matters, Fall 2020.

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